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What is Voosh?

Voosh is a restaurant brand curator, leading the industry with top of the line virtual restaurant brands built to drive revenue. We help you maximize your kitchen profits by adding a virtual restaurant brand to your capabilities.

What our partners are saying

Our kitchen partners are delighted about the extra revenue that Voosh is providing them. Read all about it!

Voosh has helped us increase our daily orders, improve safety and hygiene of our kitchen through regular audits and has motivated our staff to perform better through their trainings and certifications.
Saleem Javed
Voosh has empowered my kitchen with best food preparation practices, world class technologies and intelligence around menu design and pricing.
Naveen Singh

What can you order from us?

Discover our delightful menus curated just for your tastebuds. We have everything you Voosh for! #foodforeverymood